The Arabic Spring, a real chance for Israel

Regarding the future of Israel, it can only come from a strong decision of Israeli people and from the pragmatism of the International Community.

That a least, comply with UNO resolutions on settlement, to stop this apartheid and this cult of “the best defense is attack”, and provide means to achieve a real peace.

This requires a total questioning of Israeli Identity.

It also requires a de-conditioning of the revenge and guilt culture.

Israeli people need to re-think the common good and the “together good-life”, all faiths and ethnics shared. This process can be painful, but oh so liberating if it should be implemented

It’s time for these two people, Israelis & Palestinians, to get out from the pathos of persecution.

The requirement of security, sustainability, and dignity is valid for both peoples.

More than 60 years of fratricidal conflict is enough !

Yes, for me and without any religion connotation, both peoples belongs to the Humanity and are therefore brothers.

The theory of two states co-occurring with Israeli & Palestinian one side to the other side, is doomed to failure. Even if only through the special status of the holy Jerusalem, home and reference of all religions.

The only solution, viable, is a bi-national state, without any religious connotation, recognizing its special role as a guidance for all religions of the Book.

Today, with this inexorable uprising of the arabic world, Israel finds itself in a situation at a time problematic to some concern, but also exceptional to rethink its security and its future.

A door is opened on a counted time and this real chance, this historical occasion to make peace by giving them the means, will not come anytime soon.

I invite our jewish tunisian brothers an sisters  to be the ambassadors of this “together good-life”, and to bring and rise this voice for the peace to their jewish brothers and sisters in Israel.

Because the acceleration and the reality of the democratic process in the Middle-East and in the Maghreb will not stop, never.

And like Jean de La Fontaine said, ” The law of the strongest is not necessarily the best “



first text in french 02/08/2011 :

I would like to thank Gunilla Wenngren to encourage me for the translation of this text.


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